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Natural Animal Solutions Joint Pro Advance 醫療級關節藥 60粒
型號: Jointpro
積分: 10
可使用積分: 528
HK$ 528.00

JointPro Advance is a unique and powerful nutraceutical containing naturally occurring key ingredients and is suitable for all levels of Joint Care support in pets:

* Promote cartilage and bone growth

* Enhance bone mineral density

* Enhance x-ray radiography score

* Promote joint mobility

* Post operative support

Scientifically developed and tested in-clinic, JointPro Advance is TGA approved and contains premium human grade ingredients, sourced from across the globe.

100% natural, containing no artificial fillers, flavours, colours or preservatives, this complex formulation is available in easy to administer soft gel capsules for added convenience.

*Unique high strength formulation requiring small dosages

Active Ingredients: Epemedium;  Icariin;  Dipsaci;  Psoralea Corylifolia;  Bakuchiol;  Rehmania;  Salvia Miltiorrhiza Anemarhena; HerbaPyrolae

Dosage Guide – Each capsule contains 

Maintenance:  1/4 – 2 capsules daily

Therapeutic:  _ - 4 capsules daily

This product will last a 15kg dog 60 days

Contraindications:  Pregnancy & nursing

SIZE: 60 capsules




Psoralea corylifolia



Salvia Miltiorrhiza


Herba pyrolae


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